About Us


Stefano, a Montreal based design atelier, was launched in 2013. It handcrafts each individual piece of their collections using leather as their main material. It is a fashion forward, upscale brand that combines a mixture of leather, furs and fabrics to create collections that take on a life of their own. Season after season, Stefano’s collection tells a different story every time with a creative twist but still remaining true to its brand and vision. Leather is the essential material for the fashion conscious individual who seeks a sleek look with a modern sophistication.

Stefano knows how to push the envelope and is fearless when designing their products. The refined workmanship and the attention to detail are incomparable to what is available on the market. Its foundation is based on providing superior quality, fashionable and unique pieces. The women’s collection includes a variety of ready to wear garments, outerwear and handbags. The men’s collection is comprised of only outerwear.

Leather is to Stefano what a diamond is to a jeweler.